Board Advisory

The experience of BZM’s senior partners in the role of directors, combined with their knowledge of the local entrepreneurial environment and family-owned businesses, enables BZM to support owners and top management in the reorganization of ownership structures, including with a view to internationalization, optimizing the functioning of governing bodies as well as planning and managing the stages of generational transition.

The services offered by BZM include the following activities:

  • Creation of new corporate and ownership structures: identification of new ownership structures, determination of the intervention scope with possible spin-off of assets, analysis of the most suitable corporate structure for the aims pursued (e.g. entry of new generations, preparation for new investors, etc.), support in the establishment of holding companies.
  • Definition of relations between different types of shareholders or family shareholdings: support in the drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements and in the configuration (structure and composition) of boards of directors.
  • Board advisory services: agenda analysis and definition, supporting management in information gathering and processing, improving governance procedures, facilitating interaction between the Board and management.
  • Governance appointments: independent members in the board of directors, representatives of bondholders, members of Supervisory Boards, members of the board of statutory auditors, etc.
  • Generational transitions: planning entry paths for new generations into company management and into the role of shareholders.