Financing (Debt and Equity)

BZM’s vast network of relationships in Italy and abroad offers clients access to an extensive network of contacts with credit institutions, merchant banks, private and institutional investors, venture capital operators and private equity funds, specialized in development, buy-out and distressed/turnaround operations.

The advisory services that meet the diverse needs of the clients in terms of rapid access to debt and/or equity financing include:

  • Direct access to venture capital funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, distressed funds, merchant banks, financial institutions, etc.
  • Structuring, negotiating and obtaining financing with credit institutions.
  • Support in identifying and accessing fintech platforms, in Italy and abroad, for the valuation of innovative debt instruments other than bank credit.
  • Assistance in the analysis of financial requirements (equity and debt) and in the structuring of lines of credit supporting acquisitions, working capital and industrial development plans.
  • Support in optimizing the company’s valuation multiples, the correct economic value of the company and the capacity to generate cash flows, in order to maximize the access to credit and negotiate the optimal financial structure (cash flow-based lending).
  • Optimizing the use of the company’s tangible and intangible assets to guarantee debt (asset-based lending).
  • Capital raising (equity and quasi-equity) through domestic and international institutional investors, including private equity funds, constantly monitoring their investment criteria by industrial sector and size.
  • Private capital raising to finance special projects (start-ups, small-scale acquisitions, technological spin-offs, etc.), through relations with other potential capital investors such as individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs and strategic investors in Italy and abroad, able to provide the financial resources most suited to the client’s needs.
  • Obtaining DIP finance for companies in distressed situations providing clients with direct access to the most active investors specialized in pre-insolvency and restructuring cases (distressed/turnaround funds).