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Sustainability – ESG

The growing interest in sustainability drives companies to ever more active management of sustainability issues (Environmental, Social, Governance – ESG), directing them to adopt internal management and organizational processes to reconcile care of the environment, the community and people with the company’s economic performance. Fully sharing these values, we are committed to promoting a sustainable and safe environment for all our people and clients; we feel a responsibility to encourage the conservation of natural resources and the reuse of recyclable materials to contribute to the sustainable management of our planet.


The attitude to efficiency that sets us apart is also reflected in our focus on the responsible use of natural resources and on promoting the recycling of materials. We make all our people aware of environmental issues and promote collaboration and solutions oriented towards reducing environmental impact: the use of smart technologies to significantly reduce paper consumption each year, choice of energy-efficient solutions and systems for offices, use of environmentally friendly products for lunch breaks and coffee with reduced packaging, and responsible recycling of disused IT hardware. BZM encourages all of its professionals, associates and employees to take a proactive approach to managing their environmental footprint every day.


We believe that an inclusive climate and diversity in work teams, combined with team spirit and mutual respect, enhance the potential of everyone and strengthen relationships between colleagues, stimulating innovative solutions that bring value for clients. We are committed, including through investments in technology, to improving access to information in the workplace and collaboration among colleagues to facilitate the sharing of best practices and the contamination of ideas, knowledge and experience.

We encourage people to improve their lifestyles by balancing commitment to work with physical exercise, a healthy diet and the enjoyment of cultural and artistic events, aimed at maintaining and improving mental and physical well-being. We encourage recreational opportunities among colleagues to promote the building of a cohesive team and group spirit. 


We educate and train our associates and employees to adhere to appropriate standards of conduct; we expect everyone at BZM to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct and to act with respect for the welfare, health and safety of others.

We implement models for consolidating know-how and collecting relevant information for the development of analyses and execution of projects; this ensures a consistent approach over time and continuous improvement in professional performance.

We adopt a transparent approach with clients. From the outset we share the scope of the engagement, the timeframe for project execution, the operating procedures and the fee structure. Before accepting an engagement, we check for potential conflicts of interest and invest time and resources in performing due diligence procedures. We have introduced rules, and monitor compliance with them, for the protection of company data and, in general, for safeguarding the privacy information of our clients, associates and employees.