Our Firm


Entrepreneurs and Shareholders

Entrepreneurs and shareholders wanting to realize their companies’ value potential through development abroad and/or strategic alliances with international partners. Entrepreneurs seeking outside capital to support their companies’ development. Shareholders of SMEs undergoing reorganizations. Families of entrepreneurs facing generational transitions. Sponsors of new initiatives and start-ups. Shareholders and entrepreneurs aiming to maximize the value of selling their stakes. Shareholders of enterprises undergoing periods of business restructuring and/or financial stress.

Board Members and Management

CEOs and CFOs in the valuation of company assets and group reorganizations. Top management and owners for the formulation of strategic positioning and business plans.CFOs and management to identify investment opportunities and strategic/financial partners for corporate development. Management for the preparation of detailed industrial and financial plans. CFOs in the structuring and negotiation of outside capital with the banking system and equity investors related to debt restructuring and industrial recovery plans. Board members and executives in the design of management control and internal reporting systems.

Institutional and Private Investors

Private investors seeking investment opportunities with specific risk profiles (start-ups, development, restructuring, etc.). Private equity funds in the search for new investment opportunities, determining the current value of the assets held in their portfolios, formulating exit strategies of their investments. International investment funds specialized in distressed situations and restructuring interested in investment opportunities. Real estate funds in the assessment of real estate development/investment plans and in the negotiation with various interested parties.

Lending Banks and Creditors

Credit institutions seeking strategic/financial partners for their clients. Banks needing to appraise assets held as security for loans granted. Merchant banks for the estimate of the economic value of shares held in portfolios. Pools of institutional lenders in the debt restructuring of their clients. Banks involved in the refinancing of corporate credit facilities. Bondholders and creditors in the valuation of their own corporate bonds in the event of non-performance or default situations.Banks in the assessment of their credit in distressed situations.Banks/creditors aiming to increase liquidity through the sale of non-performing credits.

Lawyers, Accountants and Courts

Accountants called on to assist their clients with extraordinary finance operations (M&A, recapitalizations, capital raising, etc.) or other highly specialized projects in Italy or involving international interested parties. Judicial receivers, extraordinary administrators and liquidators in the management of pre-insolvency and insolvency/bankruptcy procedures for the drafting and assessment of industrial recovery plans, debt restructuring and divestment of company assets. Accountants, lawyers and courts, involved in judicial and out-of-court disputes, assisting the valuation of opposing positions. Assisting courts in the validation of turnaround plans, debt restructuring agreements and composition with creditors.