Litigation and Insolvency Procedures

BZM has a long experience in providing clients with technical assistance in civil and criminal proceedings and before tax commissions on economic, financial and business valuation issues and is recognised as an expert in the estimate of a company’s value within the framework of compositions with creditors. It can manage relationships in English and, therefore, is able to support clients based in Italy in international arbitrations as well as international groups with interests in Italy. 

Civil, criminal and tax litigation

  • BZM professionals undertake the role of technical consultant in cases brought in the first and second instance before ordinary courts and tax courts with a focus on disputes concerning liability proceedings against directors and statutory auditors, fairness of the consideration for the transfer of companies and/or intangible assets (brands, know-how, licences, etc.), actual company profitability and transfer pricing.
  • Recognised point of reference as technical consultants for the Italian Courts in business and intangible asset valuation.
  • Technical advice in out-of-court proceedings (arbitrations) in economic, business and financial matters.
  • Appraisals and quantification of damages (loss of earnings and consequential damages) aimed at compensation proceedings.

Insolvency procedures

  • Estimation of the value of the company and/or of specific intangible assets for the purpose of judging the expediency of a composition as a going concern compared to the compulsory liquidation.
  • Fairness opinion on the lease of a business unit in the context of a composition with creditors.
  • Fairness opinion of the bids received in a competitive bidding procedure (auction) for the award of a business of a company that has proposed a composition with creditors.
  • Estimation of the market value of assets or rights subject to pre-emption for the purpose of valuations regarding the degradation of preferential creditors.