Financial Restructuring

BZM has gained significant experience in assisting clients in their most sensitive decisions involving debt and corporate restructuring processes. BZM uses an interdisciplinary approach that combines specialist skills in the field of analysis of economic and financial profiles with knowledge of industrial sectors, offering support in the preparation of industrial plans geared towards viable change. BZM’s in-depth knowledge of the distinctive features of the law enables it to formulate solutions (including pre-insolvency solutions) in line with the orientation of case law. Thanks to its knowledge of approach methods and counterparty requirements, BZM is able to manage relations in negotiations with credit institutions and other financial operators in a useful way in order to achieve the modulation of a sustainable financial structure and a mutually satisfactory intervention in working capital.

The services offered include the following activities.

  • Preparation of a business plan concerning company recovery and financial restructuring plans, highlighting the liquidity requirements, of DIP finance and providing long-term financial projections.
  • Preparation of debt restructuring plans in situations of high debt leverage and pre-insolvency and supporting relations with credit institutions aimed at defining refinancing and debt rescheduling.
  • Capital structure optimization in terms of flexibility, price and structure (equity, quasi-equity, debt) for the financing of restructuring and industrial recovery plans.
  • Valuations of the debt and/or different tranches of subordinated debt in distressed situations, also for the purposes of entry into the balance sheet on the basis of the amortized cost principle (OIC 19 and IFRS 9).
  • Selection and identification of distressed investors or hedge funds interested in purchasing non-performing debt.
  • Supporting judicial receivers and extraordinary administrators in the validation and preparation of restructuring plans and valuation of assets being divested and periodic monitoring of company activity with the preparation of reports for interested third parties.