Our Firm


Buttignon Zotti Milan & Co. (BZM) is an independent advisory boutique specialized in valuations, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, capital raising and management consultancy. BZM offers assistance on business valuations, domestic and cross-border M&A operations (including joint-ventures and alliances), business planning and industrial or financial restructuring, equity/debt capital raising, economic and financial due diligence, support to shareholders and Boards of Directors on governance and business development issues in Italy and overseas.

Our objective is to build long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients based on the quality of our work and a shared appreciation of professional values. Our collaboration with and dedication to our clients enable us to create solutions and obtain results allowing clients to achieve their strategic objectives and ambitions. We aim to achieve high quality results, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our strong work ethic combined with a collaborative, dedicated and disciplined approach enables us to create long-term value for our clients and solutions with a positive impact for all stakeholders.

BZM believes that in this increasingly dynamic business environment, companies require highly specialized assistance in M&A and corporate finance to encourage and support the processes of development and/or reorganization by combining experience with an extensive contact base at international levels. We believe that financial advisory services should be tailored to firms’ strategy, operations, culture and organization. Our approach is to design and to provide services with a high degree of excellence combined with an in-depth involvement in the client’s company and extensive knowledge of local markets.

We feel that our capacity to assist the client on a continuous basis is of great value, as it facilitates the collaboration between different professionals, both internal and external to the company, specialized in different corporate functions or professional fields. This approach makes the most of the respective complementary experiences and skills, contributing to their diffusion within the company.

BZM has evolved from the combination of its partners’ diverse experience in corporate finance and business development, uniting a thorough knowledge of local markets with a global perspective. All its partners and associates possess a high level of proven expertise in finance and economics, combined with significant experience and aptitude to work in close contact with the strategic, operating and organizational issues of companies.