Our Firm

International Network

Independence in choosing the best international partners

Our extensive network of relationships and experience in cross-border transactions give us direct access to the main capital markets abroad through selected leading international players, with the freedom to choose the best counterparties for our clients. BZM’s independence allows us to assist our clients without any conflicts of interest, selecting on a global scale – according to the specific needs of the project, the type of operation, the relevant industrial sector or geography – the most effective international partner for the success of the operation and maximization of value for the client.

Presence in one of Europe’s richest regions of businesses

We have a deep-rooted presence in one of Europe’s most enterprise intensive regions. Our proximity to entrepreneurs and relationships with many family businesses, combined with our ability to dialogue directly with strategic and international financial investors, allow us in BZM to offer visibility and privileged access to operators specialized by sector, instrument or type of transaction, facilitating strategic or capital partnerships with a view to our clients’ international development.

Visibility and access to cross-border investment opportunities

Through our network of international relations, BZM offers clients a global perspective on the possible options and solutions that can maximize the value potential of the company in terms of access to target markets, development and scalability of its intangible assets, complementarity of knowledge and human capital in the company. Thanks to connections with select international partners, particularly in Europe and the United States, BZM provides the highest level of assistance in cross-border projects and transactions aimed at securing strategic resources or raising capital (equity or debt) in Italy and overseas.