Our Firm

Engagement for Community and Development

Sustainability and responsibility in our work

We recognise that our business has an effect beyond the economic value we generate for our clients: in our work and dedication to each project we also seek to create long-term social value through our support of the local and national economy, our reputation for excellence and independence, our culture of quality, integrity, discretion and teamwork, and our commitment to contributing to a sustainable future for the next generations. We are committed to promoting the economic, social and environmental well-being of the community in which we live and work. We support local and national charities and we are dedicated to the education of young people in university and professional training. BZM is committed to honouring this responsibility by contributing with all its professionals to various causes that are important to the community.

Commitment to training the experts of tomorrow

Further expanding our long-term goal of helping clients improve their vision and performance through attentive, personalized advice, we are committed to training the next generation to help meet the business needs of tomorrow. BZM has always dedicated its time and resources to lifelong learning in universities, professional courses and management schools with the aim of disseminating the notions of corporate finance, contributing to an effective understanding and responsible use of innovative concepts and tools useful to future entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.

Supporting entrepreneurship in sustainable development

We approach entrepreneurial projects involving one or more of the United Nations’ 17 (Sustainable Development Goals SDGs) with particular attentiveness and sensitivity. This is manifest in our support and promotion of start-ups and enterprises that have invested in the development of know-how, technologies and innovative business models with a significant impact on: human health, food quality and reduction of world hunger, access to renewable energy sources and drinking water, reduction of pollution and responsible use of natural resources with circular economy models.

Commitment to growth and financial inclusion for SMEs

We work with national and international independent and apolitical organizations and foundations to promote the value of economic cooperation, international financial institutions and the importance of a multi-stakeholder systemic approach for the progress and well-being of the world’s economies. In particular, our proximity to academia and industry allows us to contribute to discussions on important topics for SMEs, financial institutions and policy makers in Italy and Europe, such as: financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovative finance (fintech), development policies and access to diverse sources of finance for SMEs.

Social contributions and donations

BZM promotes its goal of social responsibility by supporting non-profit organizations that operate nationally and internationally. In particular, we contribute to “Prima le Mamme e i Bambini” (Mothers and Children First), a project aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa by Doctors with Africa CUAMM, the first health NGO recognised in Italy and the largest Italian organization for the promotion and protection of the health of African populations. We also support “L’isola che c’è” (The Island that Exists – a play on Neverland), an association dedicated to children with pain and incurable diseases and their families, by supporting the activities of the Regional Centre for palliative care and paediatric pain therapy – Paediatric Hospice in Padua.